Ny i Norge (New in Norway)

For you who are studying the Norwegian language the Bærum library has many resources, and can also provide you with material in other languages, such as your native language. If you are unable to locate what you need in our collection, please contact us for assistance.

In Norway there is no charge for obtaining a library card and borrowing at the library. In order to receive a library card you must present a valid identification. In Bærum library you can borrow books, DVDs and music for both children and adults. You may also use a computer with access to the internet. We also have daily newspapers and magazines, etc. as well as a wide international selection online.

Read the rules and regulations here.

In the library

Language courses

You may borrow complete language courses. Many of the courses also include glossaries for various languages. We have the digital language course Min vei (instruction booklet and PIN-code must be obtained from the library). You may also borrow dictionaries, grammar books and Norwegian language tests.

Easy reading

We have a separate collection of «easy reading» literature in Norwegian, here are some of our recommendations. Contact us for advice on other types of easier literature. We also recommend visiting Leser søker bok (reader seeks bok), the Norwegian branch of the international Easy-to-read network.

Read in your language

We offer books in many different languages. Many of the foreign language books are loaned from The Multilingual Library. The collection is replaced on a regular basis. If you do not find your language or the book you wish to read, contact us for assistance or order from the Multilingual Library online. We also offer the Pressreader app. Download PressReader from iTunes or Google play or use a computer at the library to read newspapers and magazines from over 100 different countries in nearly 60 different languages.

Language café

Bærum library Bekkestua (the main library in Bærum) and Bærum library Rykkinn offers språkkafé. In Sandvika the library does not have a språkkafé, but you can contact Bærum voluntary centre or Bærum Red Cross (Løkketangen) to join a språkkafé.

Other resources

Learn Norwegian in Bærum

Contact «Voksenopplæringssenteret» (Adult education center) for more information. Folkeuniversitetet (organizer of adult education) also arranges Norwegian courses.


Social studies

Here you will find the syllabus for the course 50 hours of social studies for adult immigrants. Here you will receive important information about Norway and about your rights, opportunities and obligations in the Norwegian society.


Do you read arabic, somali, tigrinja, persian or bosnian/serbian/croatian? You can stream books in these languages at verdensbiblioteket.no, for free!

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