Rules and regulations

Nasjonalt lånekort

A national library cards gives you access to public libraries in Norway.

Who can borrow?

All persons with a permanent address in Norway may obtain a library card. Approved identification for persons over 15 years of age must be presented, as well as personal contact information. The library’s rules must be accepted. If you have a national library card from another library this is also accepted at Bærum library. Obtaining a library card is free of charge.


How to obtain a library card

A library card may be obtained by entering any of the libraries in Bærum. Bring your approved identification.
Children under 15 years of age must have approval from their parents to obtain a library card. Download the form for children under 15 years of age (pdf-file).
If you are 15 or older you may register a new card online if you do not already have a national card. In order to receive your card after completion of the registration, visit the library, present your ID and accept the rules.


Using the library card

Always bring your library card if you wish to borrow. If you use the Bibliofil app you will also have access to your card on your cell phone.
You are responsible for everything borrowed on your card. Notify the library if you lose your card. A new card costs NOK 20,- for persons 15 and older.
It is your reponsibility that your personal information is correct and updated. You may update this on My pages or inform the library.
A local library card can only be used in the Bærum libraries. The national card will in addition, allow you to use it at other Norwegian libraries and give you access to other national library services. Upgrading to a national library card requires the registration of your birth number (11 digits), D- or DUF-number.


Borrowing materials

The loan period is normally 4 weeks. Certain materials may have shorter/longer loan periods. Loans may be renewed on My pages unless it is reserved by others.
Films borrowed at the library are for private use. Age limits for the loaning of films follow the recommended age limit.

You can borrow a maximum of 100 books/media at the same time.



Available material can also be reserved for you. You will receive a message by email, SMS or post when it has arrived for you.


My pages

My pages are found on the library’s website and in the Bibliofil app. Log in with your library card number and your pin. My pages can be used, among other things, to renew your loans, reserve material and update your personal information.


Overdue items

When a reminder for overdue items is sent by email or letter there is a fee to pay. The amount of dues accounts for how much you must pay. The fine can be paid at the library by a Visa card, Vipps or cash.


Fees for overdue items:

  Adults Children under 15 years
One reminder: NOK 35 NOK 0
Two reminders: NOK 70 NOK 50
Three or more reminders: NOK 105
(max. fee)
NOK 75
(max. fee)

If your fees exceed NOK 125,- (adults) or NOK 75,- (children under 15) your card is blocked until you settle your dues. If you fail to return or replace the material, the claim will be transferred to a debt-collecting agency.


Lost and damaged items

You are personally responsible for borrowed material from the library. Failure to comply with the library rules may lead to suspension of your right to borrow material. Lost material must be replaced.


Replacement before debt collection procedures

Contact the library as soon as possible if material you have borrowed is lost or damaged. The replacement sum will evaluated in each case. In general the replacement sum should be equivalent to the sum that new material would cost. Material borrowed from distant libraries may have different fees.


Replacement with debt collection procedures

Retail prices for replacement after letter on debt collection is received:
Adult books: kr 400
Childrens books: kr 250
Comics, hardcover: kr 250
Comics, paperback: kr 50
Magazines: kr 100
Audio books, adults: kr 450
Audio books, children 300
Music cds, single: kr 250
Music cds, double: kr 300
Music notes: kr 250.
For certain valuable material there may be higher fees. For material borrowed from other libraries different fees may apply.


Loans from other libraries


If you have a national library card and a pin for My Pages you may order material from other libraries in Norway, yourself. The material can be collected at Bærum library. We recommend searching and ordering from Biblioteksøk, a service for all Norwegian libraries.

Inter-library loans loans

We can assist you with borrowing books, films and music from all libraries in Norway. If you are a student or need curriculum literature, we recommend that you contact the library at your school first.

Returning material

You can return books and other material borrowed from other libraries to Bærum library. Contact the personnel at the desk. You may also return our books at other public libraries in Norway.

Revised September 2018

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