Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

Lancelot (Lotto) and Mathilde both 22 years of age, marry shortly before graduation from college, madly in love and happy; he an open and sociable person, she a cool and more reserved person. How do these opposites fit together? Lotto comes from a wealthy family most likely destined for a bright future. Mathilde has a mysterious past. The first part is the «fate» and «fury» the second half. The author sprinkles with foreshadowing in the first part. In the second half of the story surprises and truths are revealed.

A modern story about a marriage with complex characters. Tension and surprises in the second half gives the answers. One can draw lines to Greek mythology, the Fates and Furies. Fates are those that have the power to decide someone’s destiny. Furies are those that punish the guilty in the Underworld.

A story with a precise and rich language, but also a different way of structuring a novel.

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